Employee Annual Training Calendar


The primary objectives of this Training plan are the following:
  1. To guide organizations in their HR/IR Training and Development Budget Planning for 2023
  2. To help organizations to implement comprehensive HR/IR Training programs that contributes to productivity and high employee moral for 2023.
  3. To assist organizations to align their employee needs with business changing requirements and anticipated technical skills for 2023.


Paran International will formulate and share comprehensive Technical and Financial Training Proposals. The proposals will show training areas, technical skills and expected outcomes to be covered in the training programs. However, each company may add its own topics or recommend a course design and time tables that suite its operational needs. Our company being an international organization, will also collaborate with third-party training service providers (international partners) to conduct extensive training and technical skills programs, where necessary.


Q1 and Q2 Workers Committee Training (New Workers Committee Induction and Existing Workers Committee Technical Skills Enhancement programs) June 31, 2023 $750.00
Q1 and Q2 NEC General Council and Sub-Committees new members induction, cooperate governance and mandate training programs $900.00
Q1 and Q2 Management/Leadership Development Training Skills programs $900.00
Q1 and Q2 Sales, Contract Negotiating and Works Council/NEC Collective Bargaining Negotiating skills $750.00
Q1 and Q2 HR/IR Procedures, Practices and Policy Audit Skills Training $750.00
Q1 and Q2 Works Council Roles and its relevance to building organizational sustainability, competitiveness and productivity $750.00
Q1 and Q2 Disciplinary Hearing Procedures Training programs $750.00
Q3 and Q4 Team Building Training programs December 31, 2023 $750.00
Q3 and Q4 Occupational Safety, Wellness and Health Training programs $750.00
Q3 and Q4 Social Protection and Employment Benefits Training programs $750.00
Q3 and Q4 Science, Technology and Innovation training programs $500.00
Q3 and Q4 HR Policy Development and Review Training programs $850.00
Q3 and Q4 HR/IR Literacy Training programs for Non-HR/IR practitioners $850.00
N.B. The above fees are exclusively for On-site Training. For Off-site Training, every participant is expected to pay an additional USD$ 50.00 per day (The charge includes of board pack, teas and lunch). The fees may also be paid in ZWL$ at the official prevailing rate.


  • Our comprehensive Training programs will help to- prevent or minimize workplace accidents that can result in temporary, permanent injury, or even death of the employees
  • minimize company liabilities arising from poorly handled disciplinary hearing proceedings
  • prevent organizational reputational damage, loss of business deals and reduced sales and revenue as a result of poor negotiating skills
  • provide employees with up-to-date knowledge about their job’s technical aspects that boost the company’s productivity and employee morale
  • build strong and performing teams that contributes to organizational growth, among other benefits

N.B. This Training Calendar may be customized to suite your organization’s operational needs.

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