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Psychological Effects Of Online Gambling

Psychological Effects Of Online Gambling Gambling has created employment and contributed towards revenue generation for governments, however, it has psychological effects on the punters and their families. The effects range from behavioural disorders to the breakdown of family relations as well as bankruptcy. It is of paramount importance to know the psychological effects behind gambling. According to Hales, […]

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Mental Health Issues and The Workplace

Mental Health Issues And The Workplace By Anderson Mwareya The COVID- 19 pandemic exposed the shortcomings which were in our healthcare system and the workplace. The pandemic did not only further exacerbate the risk of already existing Mental Health Conditions (MHC) but it also aggravated pre-existing MHC. This is particularly true for the employees. Prior

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Employee Annual Training Calendar

Employee Annual Training Calendar Objectives The primary objectives of this Training plan are the following: To guide organizations in their HR/IR Training and Development Budget Planning for 2023 To help organizations to implement comprehensive HR/IR Training programs that contributes to productivity and high employee moral for 2023. To assist organizations to align their employee needs with

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