Psychological Effects Of Online Gambling

Gambling has created employment and contributed towards revenue generation for governments, however, it has psychological effects on the punters and their families. The effects range from behavioural disorders to the breakdown of family relations as well as bankruptcy. It is of paramount importance to know the psychological effects behind gambling. According to Hales, C. A., Clark, L., & Winstanley, C. A. (2023) gambling if unchecked, can result in severe behaviour disorders. A person progresses from responsible gambling to problem gambling and pathological gambling which are serious gambling disorders.

Online gambling psychological effects;

  • There is increased risk of addiction as online gambling allows for easy and convenient access to wide variety of gambling options which can increase the risk of addiction
  • Online gambling can lead to social isolation as individuals spend more time alone in front of their computer screens or mobile phones rather than interacting with others.
  • Financial stress as individuals can spend more than they can afford on gambling.
  • It encourages impulsivity behaviour as individuals may feel a sense of anonymity and detachment from consequences of their actions.

Possible interventions for online gambling;

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT): CBT is goal-oriented treatment that helps individuals change their negative thoughts and behaviours by addressing faulty thinking patterns and provide strategies to cope with gambling urges.
  • Motivational viewing: Individuals explore their motivations and values and identify reasons for changing their gambling behaviour.
  • Family Therapy-is beneficial for online gambling punter as it provides support, improve communication and help family members understand the impact of gambling on the individual and the family.
  • Group therapy: Provide a supportive environment for individuals to share their experiences and learn coping strategies from others.

Overall, it is critical to be aware of the psychological effects of online gambling and for individuals involved to know when and where to seek help.

By ELSE CHAMBIWA an Intern Counseling Psychologist at Great Zimbabwe University.

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  1. This article has important facts about Gambling which we rarely share in our society. Very informative. BRAVO!

  2. Tapiwa Chambiwa

    Great informative article, helps the community on addressing issues of gambling how it affects people in a society.

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